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Cost of dental implants

Dental implants are the latest innovation of teeth replacements , it have been around since the mid of the last century , but it got developed really fast in the past 10 years to be one of the best solutions to replace a missing teeth.

Basically a dental implant is a tooth replacement made from a special titanium metal that have been treated in the highest sterile conditions in a very specific way to integrate with the bone of the jaw and allow the bones to heal on it providing a very solid support for the tooth on top .

Dental implant is a very technique sensitive procedure that need to be done with properly made materials and equipment .

In Canada the health department and the Canadian dental association and other regulatory bodies make sure that the products and the equipments used meet the Canadian standards to keep the Canadian patient safe and healthy.

Dental implant is made of 2 parts , the implant it self and the prosthetic part on top that can be a single crown or a bridge or a complete over denture.

In the case of a single implant with the crown on top , it can cost 3000 in the simple cases , this include the placement of the implant in a healed bone site and the crown on top after , but this doesn't include the removal of the tooth before or the examination and the xrays needed to properly place the implant the proper position without injuring any vital structure , it also doesn't include any needed bone grafting or gum grafting .

Depending on the case the price might go up to 4500 or 6000.

In Queenswood dental we believe in quality dental care at a reasonable prices , that's why we offer payment plans at Zero interest and reduced prices with multiple implants for our clients to help them out to replace the missing teeth.

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