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Options to replace a missing tooth

Teeth are very precious and luckily we have been granted 2 sets of teeth for free .

Losing one of them is not the best thing that can happen , but it happens .

As our teeth are all working in harmony with each other balancing the biting forces , when we loose a tooth this balance will be disturbed and the biting load will start drifting the teeth right and left causing more damage to the remaining teeth.

That is why when a tooth is lost it need to be replaced as soon as it can be .

Thanks to the advanced dental technology now a days we have a variety of options to replace a missing tooth or teeth .

The options are either removable or fixed .

Removable options are :

1) Removable acrylic partial denture , which is an acrylic (plastic) plate with acrylic teeth on top supported by metal or plastic clamps , this is the cheapest non invasive option available to replace one or more missing teeth .

2) Metal supported partial denture , this is more durable and precise option than the plastic one which includes a metal base covered with acrylic facing and acrylic teeth on top .

3) Complete acrylic denture , this is used to replace a full upper or lower dentition .

Fixed options are :

1) Traditional bridge , which is a fixed partial denture with 2 caps on the ends covering the 2 teeth on the sides and the missing teeth in-between , this is cemented permanently .

2) Maryland bridge , is a minimally invasive bridge that is glued with 2 wings on the front teeth , it is mostly aesthetic and not functional as it's attachment is not that strong .

3) Implants , those are the latest advancement of dental technology as they can replace the missing tooth as a whole with an actual tooth with a root resembling the nature , the process involves mostly a minor surgery for the placement of the implant root then waiting for 3 to 6 month to place the crown , implants also can be done to support a bridge or a denture in case of multiple teeth replacement.

Since every case is very different you will need to be seen by the dentist so he can evaluate your case and check your bones and opposing teeth to provide you with the best option to fit your specific case .

At Queenswood dental we understand that every one is unique and have different needs , that's why we are proud that our evaluation process is very through using the latest technology with our highly experienced dentist to provide you with the best solution that will suite your needs.

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