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insurance :

As a courtesy of our office we can directly bill most of the dental insurance companies , you will still be responsible for any balance that your insurance didn't pay us in a timely manner .

If your dental insurance provider is not on the list that our office deals with , Our office will gladly submit your claim electronically on your behalf, resulting in you getting the payment within one week.

We require payment at the time of services are rendered .

We accept a variety of payments methods : cash, MasterCard, Visa and American Express .

Payment plans :

we offer payment plans starting at Zero % on some of our services like Braces ,

Invisalgin and single unit implants .

Other services can also have payments plan up to 5 years through 

IFINANCE dental card to help you out with the major investments and give you 

the smile you always wanted.

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Pay with your credit card and save money :

If you pay with your credit card you will collect C.C. points or cash back  and you will receive your eligible benefit amount cheque from your insurance company long before you receive your credit card statement.

Our fees are charged in accordance with the current Ontario Dental Association fee guide.

Our office keeps abreast of the latest insurance trends to help you maximize your insurance benefits.

Dentalcard Logo.png
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