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Loosing a tooth is not the best thing that can happen to anyone.

After a tooth is removed the bone carrying it will start to shrink and loose its volume , which will change the shape of that part of the jaw and can compromise the future replacement of that tooth .

Dental Implants are designed to replace missing teeth giving you the full function of your lost tooth and maintain your jaw bone in the same level preventing future shrinkage . 

Our experienced Dentist will evaluate your case and discuss with you a personalized treatment plan that will suite your needs .

Dental implants can be the treatment of choice if the you are the right candidate for it .

We are proud to be the only office in the Ottawa to offer a limited warranty on our implants with the crown on top to give you peace of mind ,

For the first 2 years we warranty our implants against being loose , or crown breaking or fallen out .

Call us now for your complimentary consultation.

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