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Healthy diet , healthy teeth

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

The way we eat defines the way we are , our overall health is affected by what we eat same as our teeth.

The teeth decay is mainly affected by the form and type of food that we eat , for example the softer the food and the more sticky it is , the more cavities we will get .

So here are some advises that will help you reduce the chances of getting cavities .

In the younger age we all need calcium to help build our teeth and bones , but after all of our adult teeth have erupted , calcium will help only with the bones as the teeth are fully developed now and it can't gain any more calcium .

So a balanced diet with enough calcium source like milk , cheese and eggs is necessary to keep our teeth and bone in a good health.

Refined foods like cakes and soft bread are more difficult to clean as they stick more to the surface giving the bacteria a better chance to damage the tooth surface .

On the other hand the raw vegetables and fruits like carrots and apples are self cleansing foods that tend to leave less food remnants on the teeth surface reducing the bacterial action.

Carbs are excellent source of sugar and it can lead to faster decay , so we need to be very cautious with it and reduce it as much as we can .

Always keep in mind that the healthy balanced diet is your gate for the healthy life and healthy smile , but all of that won't be effective if it was not combined with great oral hygiene regimen and regular dental cleaning and checkups .

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