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What causes bad breath ?

Bad breath scientifically known as halitosis is very embarrassing thing , it can compromise our self esteem .

What can cause the bad breath and how we can deal with it .

To be able to treat any condition we need to understand it , our oral cavity is filled with bacteria as a normal flora which need to be kept under control to avoid the harm of its over growth.

Causes of bad breath :

1) Bacterial over growth around the teeth , when we eat or drink our bacterial flora gets into contact with what we ingest and start its fermentation process producing acid and the bad smell .

This can be treated by the careful brushing and flossing after the major meals to reduce the bacterial count and remove the food remnants.

2) Tartar build up , which is the calcified bacterial plaque around the teeth and under the gums tissues which need to be removed and cleaned professionally to avoid the bad breath and the damage of the gums and bone supporting the teeth in place , this need to be done at least every 6 month and in some cases every 3 month .

3) Bacterial over growth on the tongue , as our tongue have a rough surface like a carpet it accumulates the bacteria on its surface and this over growth leads to the bad breath .

This can be treated by brushing or scraping the tongue regularly to reduce the bacterial count on it .

4) Dry mouth , our saliva have natural antibodies in it that can fight back the bacteria and it also have a buffering effect that dilute and reduce the acid produced by the bacteria reducing the fermentation process and the bad breath associated with it.

This can be treated by regular sipping on water and keeping your mouth hydrated .

Other options is to use salivary supplements that can be prescribed by your dentist or over the counter.

Dry mouth is not a condition that should be overlooked lightly , you need to consult with your dentist to make sure it is being treated properly.

5) Alcohol and smoking can give you a unpleasant breath , this can be treated by stopping the habit or at least meticulous oral hygiene

It can be due to the accumulation of the bacteria around the teeth this can be solved by the through brushing and flossing of the teeth .

6) Stomach causes , bad digestion or reflux can cause gas to arise from the stomach to the mouth leading to the bad smell , you will need to consult with your family Doctor after elimination of the moth related causes .

At the end good brushing and flossing and using of mouth wash and regular dental visits are the base line to keep your oral cavity and whole body health .

Remember that your mouth is the gate to your overall health.

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