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Which is better for your teeth bottled or tap water?

You may think that bottled water are better for you than the city tab water , this might be true if you live in an are where clean water is not accessible , but this is not the case in Ottawa area and all of the major cities in Canada .

The main difference between the bottled water and the tab water is not the purity and taste , it is the way they process and treat the water , With many people concerned about the taste and purity of tap water, the sales of bottled water have increased significantly in recent years.

Tap water goes through a process of purification designed to eliminate suspended materials, remove tastes and odors and kill microorganisms.

Fluoride is added to most tap water supplies with the aim of reducing cavities especially in the Ottawa / Orleans area.

Fluoride is the only element that can replace the missing calcium from the tooth surface and strengthen the weakened bonds between the calcium units forming the tooth , that's why you only see tooth paste with fluoride not with calcium .

Fluoride becomes incorporated into our teeth as they develop and makes them more resistant to decay. It can reverse the progress of early cavities and reduce the need for dental treatment.

Mass water fluoridation has played an important role in reducing tooth decay all over the world .

The problem with bottled waters is that they usually don’t contain fluoride which eliminates the strengthening effects of it and increases the chances of having cavities .

So there is a risk that drinking bottled water can increase the risk of cavities for some people.

If you drink a lot of bottled water, you can make up for this by using fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinse.

Your dentist may even suggest a fluoride supplement if they notice an increase in cavities.

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