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7 Habits that can damage your teeth :

Our teeth are the hardest tissues in our body , much more harder than our bones , but they differ from the bones that they does not regenerate or heal itself like the bone.

They are very valuable assets and luckily we are granted 2 sets of them naturally free .

In other words they are worth keeping .

Here are some habits that can damage your teeth :

1) Fruits , yes citrus fruits , as they contain acid which have a devastating effect on the enamel , they can cause the loss of calcium from the tooth surface leading to weakened enamel that leads to tooth decay , especially eating lemon .

2) Ice chewing or chewing on any other extremely hard objects , this can lead to the excessive wear and tear in the tooth structure which will shorten the tooth and causes cracked that can lead to the full fracture of the tooth.

3) Acid reflux , continuous acid application on the tooth surface from the stomach acid refulx can lead to weakening of the tooth enamel and wearing it off with the normal food chewing.

4) Grinding and clinching , as our teeth are designed to chew food and only food , if we are grinding our teeth against each other this can lead to slow loss of the enamel protective layer exposing the sensitive dentin underneath and can lead to cracking and chipping of the teeth.

5) Beer bottle opening , our teeth are not for that even if it didn't cause damage yet , as it starts with causing minor cracks in the enamel that will later on can cause fracture.

6) Online bleaching recipes like rubbing teeth with charcoal or lemon or baking soda , ect. all of these actually removes a layer of your enamel and causes uneven scratches on the surface leading to more stains and future decay.

7) Brushing your teeth aggressively , teeth can get damaged if it have been aggressively brushed from side to side , as this will apply to much pressure on the weak gum line leading to creation of a groove in the tooth surface at the gum line , that will later will damage the tooth and lead to tooth decay .

Solutions for all of the above is moderation , eat everything in moderation , avoid biting or chewing anything other than food .

Ask your dentist about the most proper way to brush your teeth without causing damage and the most safe way to whiten your teeth safely .

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