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Cosmetic Dentistry

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

First thing that we see when we meet anyone is their smile , this is a fact and this can leave us with a good first impression or not .

Dentistry has evolved a lot in the past 10 years , even more than it did in the past century in total as everything else did.

Starting from the materials used in dentistry to the effectiveness of the local anesthesia and pain management , everything have changed to the best .

We are more focused now on providing a relaxing pain free experience with oral health and cosmetic end result in mind .

That's why Queenswood dental Orleans was designed as a SPA to give our clients a relaxing less stressful experience with our main focus to enhance their smile.

We now provide different options to enhance your smile and change the way everybody sees on their first sight when they see you.

The new ceramic veneers can be made ultra thin and still stay very strong and resistant to fracture , it can change the shape and the color of the teeth giving you a stunning Hollywood style smile in just 2 visits and in some cases with no freezing needed.

Other option is the composite veneers which can do the same but it is less durable and the color can't be lightened as much , but still it can enhance the smile dramatically.

Composite veneers are less expensive and can be done in the same visit .

Teeth whitening can help lighten your teeth color and brighten up your smile , but this need to be applied on natural teeth with no fillings or other types of restorations on top as the whitening will affect only the teeth not the restorations on top.

That's why it is advised to do the whitening before matching the color in case of the front teeth are not all covered with the veneer.

Each case have its specific needs , condition and goals , that's why we provide free consultations for the smile makeovers so our clients can meet with our dentist and discuss the goals and the needs with him to provide the best results.

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