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Scared of the dentist , IV sedation is for you

If you have dental fear on anxiety , this shouldn't prevent you from getting your dental care that you need.

As our mouth is the gate to our body , having a health teeth relates to having a good overall health.

In Queenswood Dental Orleans we understand how you feel and that's why we designed our office to provide you most relaxing experience that you can get , so we help you stay healthy .

From the moment you step in you will feel the difference as the office was designed as a SPA with soft meditating music and relaxing water fall which have been proven to reduce the stresses and anxiety.

You will be greeted with the welcoming smile of our front desk and you can enjoy a hot drink or cold refreshment on our minibar .

Our professional dentist will take care of you and take their time to hear your concerns , using the high end technological diagnostic tools he will explain everything to you.

You can enjoy the movie of your choice in our ceiling mounted movie theater and zone out with the isolating head phones and massaging chairs while having your treatment done.

For anxious clients we offer onsite laughing gas which can reduce stress and ease you in for your treatments.

And our top relaxing option is the IV sedation also known as twilight sedation which is basically an intravenous medication that reduces the stress and relaxes the body , which we use for extreme cases like root canal treatments , implants , wisdom teeth removal and other oral surgeries.

IV sedation is mainly designed for that purpose , it is basically a medication that reduces the stress and relaxes the body .

All of that will make your experience much more pleasant and relaxing .

Don't let your anxiety preventing you from having the care you need and the smile you deserve.

Let us help you , we got your back.

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