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Tooth extraction after care

After getting a tooth removed there are some instructions that need to be done to make sure that the wound heals properly without any troubles.

First of all we need to understand that when the tooth is removed it leaves a a deep wound in the gum tissues and the jaw bone that can be as deep as 14 mm , but fortunately our body is a very good healer that can heal on its own with some help.

Here are some tips that will make the healing period as easy as it can be .

First hour after the surgery :

Your dentist will place a pressure pack on the wound ,you need to apply continuous pressure on this gauze with no disturbance for one hour straight .

The pressure gauze placed over the wound should not be changed or replaced for the first hour to stop the bleeding and help the body form a plug to seal the wound.

After the first hour have passed you can remove the gauze , if there is still bleeding then you can put anther pressure gauze over the wound and bite for anther half an hour till the bleeding stops.

First 24 hours :

Apply cold applications on your cheek to reduce the amount of swelling that can happen .

Take the painkiller instructed by your dentist after the bleeding have stopped.

No smoking for the first 24 hours to avoid forming the painful dry socket condition.

Avoid using any mouth wash , gargling , rinsing and spiting or brushing your teeth .

Don't try to check the wound with your tongue or finger , it can disturb the wound.

After the first 24 :

Start using warm water and salt rinses , it will help with the healing.

Continue using your medication that were prescribed by your dentist.

Avoid eating on that side till the wound is completely healed .

Consider the replacement options like implants , bridges or partial dentures if needed .

This healing process can take around a week some times less some times more depending on the procedure that was done and the position of the wound and the healing abilities of the body , if you feel that something is off call the dentist and ask him about what you feel , it is always better to be safe than sorry .

We hope that would be the last tooth to be removed .

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